Web Builders makes it affordable for your business to sell globally. With a properly created web site, the playing fields are leveled. What that means is that even the smallest business running out of someone's house, can be as big a player as a large corporation, in your customer's eyes. Web Builders wants to give your business that distinction. That's why we have several services to offer, at a price that won't break your budget.

Basic Package - This is a four page web site created to your business' specifications. And, if you sign up for our 36 month web service agreement, the design fee is miniscule. *

Basic Catalog System - This, like our standard Basic Package, has a very small setup fee, as long as you sign a 36 month service agreement. Your catalog can include up to 100 products without raising the cost of your monthly service.*

Domain name - No web site can call itself complete without a domain name. It's like running a business without a phone. You can have a domain name for your site for a small setup fee, and annual paid renewals due after your second year. What is a domain name? Click here.

Admin Interface - This is an interface, set up specially for each business, that allows you to edit certain portions of your website without having to pay for an update. These updates can be effectuated with your standard browser, and are easy for you to do. You can change prices in your catalog, add/delete products from your database, and even update certain textual areas of your site that change frequently - like a "What's New" section. If you have a schedule that you must keep updated, information that changes on a constant basis, or any other time you need instant changes to information on your site, you need this service.

Secure Server (SSL) - This is almost a must in today's web society. Many customers will not even order something on-line unless they know your order page is secure. Especially when they know that your competitor's site is. Although not a required service, it is recommended for all who take credit cards over the internet.

Merchant software - This software is your complete solution to taking and processing credit cards on-line. This software will verify the credit cards used by your customers, transfer the money to your account, and e-mail the order to you to fulfill. This software is not required for an e-commerce web site; if you so elect, you can have the orders simply emailed to you, with payment information. However, this software is the perfect solution if you will move lots of inventory, or if you plan to sell software on-line. This program can check the credit card before it even gives your customer access to the software to download.

If you have any questions about any of the services you see above, or are requesting other services, such as guestbooks, updatable faq's, forms, and the like, please contact us.