What is a Domain Name?

The domain name is the name you use to access a company's web site.

Example: www.webbuilders.com.

How do I get a domain name?

We can register a domain name for you through InterNIC. If you want pricing information please E-Mail sales@webbuilders.com.

How can I advertise my web site?

There are many ways to advertise your web site, but the two best ways are as follows:

1. You can set it up yourself in search engines like Yahoo (or)
2. You can use the same service we use:

Can I have my own counter for my web site?

Yes. We will set up a counter if you want one at no additional charge for your site on our server. There are 2 types of setups:

1. Visible counter that everyone can see
2. Invisible counter that only you can see

Do you sell dialup accounts?

Yes. We mainly offer dialup accounts to our clients that we designed a web site for. We use a second party for dialup accounts. Since we buy the accounts in bulk and are not interested in making a profit on them, we are able to offer the dialup accounts for less then what you can obtain them directly from the same company.

Can I have my own E-Mail account?

Yes. When you purchase your dialup account, you get your own mail box with it. If you have a Domain Name, you can have it sent to yourmail@yourdomain.com.

Additional E-Mail accounts cost extra.

What graphical area does my web site cover for exposure?

The entire world! Anyone that has Internet access in the world is capable of viewing your web site. If you don't want that kind of exposure, you can limit how you advertise. Example:

You are a small business owner in Omaha, NE and want to only sell products in the Omaha area. You would probably want to limit your search engine listings to specific geographical areas. In Yahoo, for example, you can have your address appear in certain metropolitan listings.

If you want the full exposure possible for your site and you want everyone everywhere to see it, you should choose to advertise your web site in all the search engines you can. You should also be sure to include your web address in your conventional ads.